This site was made to be used as a universal tool/place for all the cosplayers in the world to find pictures for their cosplay. One place to find pictures so cosplayers don’t have to waste hours searching and can spend more time making their cosplays and being apart of the cosplay community.

Any references and referencing sites are always appreciated along with tutorial links.
If you know any artists or cosplayers who make a lot of tutorials or referencing sheets please tell us.
We are searching for artists who might be able to fill the gap on some proper character drawings.
Free, by request or not, character design break downs  is VERY appreciated.

If you like the website, please tell us, please comment.
Please tell us that this stuff is helpful for you, or if there is more you want.
We’ll do our best to find what you need and add it to the site.

Also if you made a cosplay and used a reference sheet from our site,
we’d love it for you to post a link of it in the comments of the reference you used. 😀

Thank you for checking us out and ENJOY!!! ❤ 


Donations through character design break downs is VERY appreciated. 
Donate them by sending or linking us to the largest resolution of the image(s) you have to:

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